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Vivaldi phone card


 "I am writing these words to thank you for the phone card services. Good rates! The no pin direct dial feature."
Eugene Vardas, Yorkton, Canada.

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   Vivaldi phone card is PC-to-Phone card. It is designed for local and long distance phone calls from personal computer (PC) to any phone in the world. Doesn't matter where You are calling from, rates depend on destination country only! No Maintenance or Connection Fees! Online Account Management!

Available all over the world - You just need a computer with necessary accessories and Internet connection!

See Complete Description. More details>>>

No Connection Fee
Maintenance Fee - No
Rounding - 30 seconds
Toll Free Access Numbers - n/a
Local Access Numbers - n/a
Tax - No
Pay Phone Charge - n/a
Validity period - Unlimited (*)
Prompt Languages - n/a

(*) Card expires if no refill within 10 months.

Please read the disclaimer about additional provisions. All questions and problems should be resolved through the Customer Service using Online Contact Form. Rates and fees are subject to change in accordance with legal requirements without notice. If You are unsatisfied with Vivaldi Calling Account You may request a full refund within the first week upon purchasing. A processing fee of $2.00 applies to all refunds made after the first week upon purchasing.

   Instant approval means you get your calling cards within minutes of ordering and start talking to friends and family faster than ever before. No surcharges or connection fees mean you pay only for the time you talk when dialing using a local or toll-free access number.
   Using a prepaid card you can budget your long distance calling costs, besides it is cheaper than your local phone company and is cheaper than collect calls and operator assisted calls.
   Prepaid phone card typically have good rates and provide a convenience that most people are looking for. International calling cards are cards you purchase and use for long distance calls.

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