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 "I am writing these words to thank you for the phone card services. Good rates! The no pin direct dial feature."
Eugene Vardas, Yorkton, Canada.

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     Kphonecard.com is the low cost leader in prepaid international calling cards. We provide the best value and service for virtual prepaid calling cards. Our prepaid phone cards are your best choice for long distance savings! Cheap rates: only 0.99 cents per minute anywhere in continental USA. Pay 20 dollars and talk 33 hours.   

   Kphonecard.com offers an cheap international calling cards with best long-distance service providers. Reliable service from: ACC, ECC, IDT, NTC,  AT&T, NTCA, RNT, STI, TRG ..   Kphonecard.com have the lowest calling rates for calls to China, Canada, Russia, UK, Germany, France, Philippine, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Australia and Japan. You have relatives in Europe, Russia, Canada or Israel? Do you want to keep in touch with them more often and pay less for telephone conversations? In this case our calling cards are simply created specially for you.

International calling cards produced in and imported from other countries that will allow you to make calls back to the USA or to any other country when you travel overseas. Prepaid calling card are a great option for a variety of people.


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Refillable phone card - Rechargeable phone card that offer the following additional opportunities: refill opportunity, More terms >>>

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